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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Instytut Filozofii

Znajdujesz się w: Strona główna > Erasmus+ > Professor Augustinas Dainys in the Institute of Philosophy (6.12.2022)

The Institute of Philosophy invites you to the lectures of Professor Augustinas Dainys (https://www.vdu.lt/cris/entities/person/ecfc4a2c-3c9b-4e29-afb2-eaad46077c68/general) from the Vytautas Magnus University in Vilnius (Department of Modern Didactics) on Martin Heidegger and Ludwig Wittgenstein (abstract below).

Lecture at 12:00 on Tuesday, December 6 in room 134 of the Institute of Philosophy,



1)           M. Heidegger and the introduction of topological model to philosophy

Heidegger’s Dasein ontology as topological way of thinking. Opposition of Heidegger’s topological ontology to Russell’s application of set ontology to philosophical thinking. The priority of place to abstract element in Heidegger’s ontology.    

2)           L. Wittgenstein as the pedagogical thinker

The importance of learning the meaning of the word  in late philosophy of Wittgenstein. The learning of language games.  The pedagogical philosophy as the direct heir of philosophy of language of 20th century.

[on photo Wittgenstein in Swansea (taken by Ben Richards), 1947]