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Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Instytut Filozofii

Znajdujesz się w: Strona główna > Erasmus+ > CHANGES in the teaching offer of the Institute of Philosophy in the spring semester 2021/2022

Dear Foreign Students,

the Institute of Philosophy offers the following courses in English in the upcoming spring semester 2021/2022:

1. Sex and Sages: Philosophical Arts of Living and Arts of the Erotic [Dr Eli Kramer]

2. The Power of Images. Imaginarium of the Political Sphere [Dr Karol Morawski]

3.a. Environmental Philosophy – Ethics and Politics

OR [to be chosen between 3a. and 3.b]

3b. Introduction into Hannah Arendt [Dr Urszula Lisowska]

We advise you to check the offer before and after your arrival with the official timetable and the actual information: https://www.filozofia.uni.wroc.pl/Erasmus-2.

Thank you and see you in Poland!