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Zachęcamy do zapoznania się ze sprawozdaniem z konferencji Spring Creativity Conference - "Creativity and Culture" (informacja w języku angielskim):

The Foundation for the Philosophy of Creativity and the American Institute for Philosophical and Cultural Thought recently held the Third Annual Spring Creativity Conference. Due to the pandemic, the conference was held on-line. This year’s theme was Creativity and Culture and was organized by Institute of Philosophy Faculty member Eli Kramer. This conference was also a part of an ongoing Polish American philosophical collaboration and was co-sponsored by the Centre for Philosophy of Culture. This year’s conference has been built upon contributions to the forthcoming volume, tentatively entitled Philosophy of Culture as Theory, Method, and Way of Life: Contemporary Reflections and Applications, eds.  Przemysław Bursztyka, Eli Kramer, Marcin Rychter, and Randall Auxier.

On the first day, Prof. Zofia Rosińska, began the conference with the essay “Dialectics of Creativity According to Władysław Stróżewski”. The aim of her lecture was to present Władysław Stróżewski’s analyses of the artistic process of creation.  Dr. Przemysław Bursztyka followed with an “Outline of an Apophatic Philosophy of Culture”. The aim of his talk was to provide an outline of an original (if not wholly novel) approach to how to philosophize on and through culture. Prof. Rudolf Makkreel ended the first day with his presentation, “How the Arts Reorient Experience and Recontextualize the World”. In this lecture he explored the question of “orientation” as it relates to art, using a hermeneutic and historical account of the role of art in culture from the time of Kant to the twentieth century with special attention to the contributions of Langer, Dilthey and Danto.

The second day began with the essay by Dr. Eli Kramer, “The Creative Virtues of Philosophy of Culture”. In this presentation, using Ernst Cassirer as a sage model, he explored three creative virtue symbols that he thinks can be drawn from his exemplary philosophy of culture practice: polyhistoriahumanitas, and phusiophilia. He was followed by Dr. Laura J. Mueller was her presentation entitled: “Modern Socratic Dialogue and Resilient Democracy: Creating the Clearing for an American Bildung”. Her lecture put forth Modern Socratic Dialogue as a pedagogical tool for cultivating an American Bildung, beginning with Michael Hogue’s work on “resilient democracy,” an associational ethos that is vulnerable and based on our lived uncertainty. The conference was brought to a close by Prof. Robert C. Neville’s lecture “Culture and Philosophy”. In the presentation he raised and provided some answers to the question “what do philosophy and culture have to do with one another?” 

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The recordings can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ4Zx3xHG03WjiWiqdEoUIQ/videos